Dyed Roses


Note: This product will usually take an extra 2 day fulfillment period as it’s prepared on demand.

Our fine selection of dyed roses is made for those who love intense, playful colors and all the magic these colors bring.

Come take a peek and find the beauty of our awesome dyed roses!

Product available in 50 cm only.
Box packs 100 stems.

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Aquarelle, Arendelle, Assorted, Aurora, Black, Blue, Cadbury Cream Egg, Candy Scent, Cuore di Mamma, Elsa, Gala, Gary, Gingerbread, Green/Purple, Guinness, Indigo, Marine, Mistletoe, Mr. Krabb, Neon, Ocean Breeze, October, Opal, Orange/Blue, Peps, Rainbow, Rhodalite, Rising Pearl, Rose Alabaster, Sandy, Splash, Tobacco Gold, Tourmaline, White/Green, X-Mas Party, X-Mas Stocking

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