About Us

How it all came to happen

Quadore Flowers is the result of mashing together the dreams of its 3 founders, José María García, Roberto Tapia, and Jenny Vasquez; each of them with outstanding experience in the Flower industry and retail.

In the blessed lands of the South American Equator, lies the beautiful country of Ecuador…

Home to amazing land, monumental mountains and the richest biodiversity; but the most valuable asset are its people. It is them who make the magic of wonderful Ecuadorian flowers possible.

We aim to become the go-to store for all your floral needs, covering all your events and everyday flower requirements with reliability, quality, and full satisfaction.

Fresh Flowers

If you’ve always wanted to have flowers at home, why not start today?

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With Quadore Flowers you always get Farm-Fresh Flowers, no kidding, no exceptions. 

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