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Welcome to a new realm of floral possibilities, where beauty knows no bounds and freshness stands the test of time. Quadore Flowers is proud to introduce our latest addition to the wholesale market: Preserved Roses and Flowers. Designed with the discerning florist in mind, these everlasting blooms redefine the art of floral design with their enduring allure and unmatched versatility.

Why Choose Preserved product for Your Floral Business?

Enduring Elegance: Preserved Flowers retain their natural beauty for an extended period, allowing florists to create stunning arrangements that maintain their freshness without the need for constant replacement.
Creative Freedom: With Preserved Roses, florists can push the boundaries of creativity, incorporating these timeless blooms into designs that captivate and enchant clients for months on end.

Cost-Effective Luxury: By offering Preserved Roses, florists provide clients with a luxurious alternative to fresh flowers, offering long-lasting beauty without compromising on quality.

Our Wholesale Collection: Discover our curated selection of Preserved Roses, meticulously sourced and preserved to meet the exacting standards of discerning florists:

Classic Shades: From elegant whites to passionate reds, our Preserved Roses come in a range of timeless hues, perfect for creating arrangements that evoke romance and sophistication.

Specialty Varieties: Explore unique colors and styles that add a distinctive touch to your designs, from pastel tones to vibrant shades that command attention.
Premium Quality: Each Preserved Rose in our wholesale collection is carefully inspected and preserved using advanced techniques, ensuring consistent quality and unparalleled beauty.

Benefits for Florists

Extended Shelf Life: With Preserved Roses, florists can reduce waste and overhead costs by offering clients floral arrangements that maintain their freshness and beauty for months.

Enhanced Design Options: Incorporate Preserved Roses into your designs to offer clients a wider range of options, from everlasting bridal bouquets to stunning centerpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Sustainable Solutions: Embrace eco-friendly practices by choosing Preserved Roses, which require minimal resources for upkeep and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional fresh flowers.

Wholesale Ordering: Partner with Quadore Flowers to elevate your floral offerings and delight clients with the timeless beauty of Preserved Roses.

Bulk Ordering: Enjoy competitive wholesale pricing on bulk orders of Preserved Roses, allowing you to maximize profit margins while providing exceptional value to your clients.

Customization Options: Tailor your order to suit your specific needs, whether you require specific colors, quantities, or packaging options for your business.

Join the Preserved Roses Revolution with Quadore Flowers:

Experience the transformative power of Preserved Roses and elevate your floral business to new heights with Quadore Flowers’ wholesale collection. Contact us today to learn more about wholesale pricing, customization options, and how Preserved Roses can enhance your floral offerings.

Contact us to become a wholesale partner and unlock the endless possibilities of Preserved Roses for your floral business.

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